Summer & Autumn

Summer is full of daylight, with out nightless night you have the option of hiking to the top of our local fells and enjoying seeing the sun above the horizon even after midnight! 
In the autumn we start enjoying the bounty of nature with foraging for mushrooms and berries. Vibrant autumn colours and darkening evenings bring out the northern lights, perfect combination! 


Hikes and canoeing

Come join us for a guided hike to really explore our local nature, we will head off the beaten track and your guide will teach you local plants and wildlife as you explore.
Fancy heading out on the lakes? We have a hand-built wooden canoe that we can take out for a truly unique experience!

Foraging and auroras

In the autumn we will forage for mushrooms and berries during our hikes and trips outdoors. We will teach you which plants to pick and how to use them in cooking. During some of the trips you will also get taught how to make a fire using traditional methods. 
In the evenings we will sit by the fire while waiting for the auroras to appear while learning fire making and cooking over an open fire. Relaxing and just perfect.