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Experience Finnish Lapland through tradition and nature

During the winter we offer excursions on traditional wooden snowshoes, which have carried humans over wide snowy landscapes for hundreds if not thousands of years. Come and follow in the footsteps of arctic explorers in a safe and exciting way!
Whether the excursion is in the evening when northern lights may appear, or during the day to see glinting snowy landscapes,

you will always go home one experience richer.

If you would like to learn traditional skills like firemaking and foraging, or spend an evening sitting by the fire outdoors while waiting for the auroras to appear while making fresh pancakes, we would love to take you!

All programs are run for small groups only, maximum of 4 persons.

We use our comfortable 4x4 SUV for our excursions

Choose the correct excursion for you! 

Easy:  Suitable e.g. for families with children, some outside time with short walking distances under approx. 1km

Moderate: Suitable for people of 15 yrs and over. Approx. 2-3 hrs outdoors, walking or snowshoeing

      Adventure:  Walking or snowshoeing, between 3-5hrs outdoors. Can include larger hills and steeper areas


Sunset Kayak


Summer in Lapland is beautiful. Full of places to hike, canoe and forage. From end of August onwards we start having darker evenings and seeing the northern lights. Guided hikes, foraging for berries and mushrooms and private northern lights hunting tours.

Snowy Night


Wintertime starts with the polar night, dusky days and lots of snowfall. From the end of February onwards we start getting more and more sunshine. 

Snowshoe tours at Levi and at Pallastunturi national park, private northern lights hunting and private fireside cooking, come along!

Adventures on traditional wooden snowshoes

Here at Levi and at Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park. Come and join during the daytime to see more of the scenery, or in the evening for a chance of seeing the northern lights!

Private tours

Groups of 1-4 persons. Finding and photographing northern lights near Levi or maybe even towards the north and Pallas-Yllätunturi national park.
Or how about an evening in the national park, cooking by an open fire in a private kota while waiting for some auroras to appear?
For those looking for some local culture we have a guided visit to Särestöniemi art museum, where you will see some breathtaking use of colours in the art of 
Reidar Särestöniemi.