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Our Team

After years of working in the tourism industry, we decided to combine our skills and offer our own excursions to let other experience Finnish nature the way we do. Closeness to nature is a huge part of the Finnish way of being, and we want to give everyone the opportunity to enjoy it and get to know it. 

Get closer to nature, get GreenTrekking!




A true Englishman! Since moving to Finland almost a decade ago, has become a nature guide with a passion for traditional crafts and untouched wilderness. Continuously looks for skills and knowledge that can be used in the great outdoors, from building wooden boats to fire-making. Photographer who keeps us supplied with beautiful shots of the nature surrounding us.




A nature surveyor, who has worked in customer service and tourism in one way or another for years. Freelance translator. Originally from Finnish Lake district, but spent a big part of her life in the UK before moving back. Happiest when out in nature exploring and foraging.



All-round office helper

Has worked tirelessly for the last 10 years to spread happiness and joy through purring. Loves to explore.