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Our goal is to:
Create fun experiences and memories with you and your loved ones.
Deepen your understanding of the natural world.
Enrich your holiday in Lapland with new knowledge and skills.
Get you closer to nature.
Be sustainable and follow Everyman's rights

We are Green Activities certified to prove that our mode of business is as sustainable as possible

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We welcome everyone

We welcome all peoples of all beliefs, backgrounds and orientations. We want to share our passion and skills with everyone, including LGBTQ+ 


Nature first!

Humanity has a huge impact on the environment. We want to minimize our own impact and put ecological values at the heart of our experiences. We also support charities and organisations that protect nature.


The right experience for you

Everyone has different capabilities and we want to offer a range of excursions that suit varying levels of abilities. Some will want to climb snowy peaks on our snowshoes while others may feel more comfortable watching northern lights while cooking on a campfire.

Small groups

Many companies fill coaches and planes with large groups but that's not us! Our group sizes are small which allows us to share knowledge and personal moments in nature together and more easily accommodate everyone's needs.

Groups larger than eight people can be organised by request and any of our excursions can be made private.



Nature is beautiful, wild and unpredictable, and we know this. We will always be equipped with first-aid kits and have first-aid training in case anything goes wrong. All of our excursions have safety plans in place.

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