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We only use traditional wooden snowshoes on our trips.

Compared to modern plastic snowshoes, our beautiful handmade snowshoes are lightweight, quiet and have amazing buoyancy even in deep snow. Since we do not need ready-made tracks, we can explore the nature around us much with much more freedom and get closer to everything that awaits us there.

Wooden snowshoes are more sustainable than plastic ones, since they can be repaired more easily and are made with natural materials.

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Traditional wooden snowshoe trek at Levi 

This easy snowshoe tour is suitable for anyone with a basic level of fitness. We will head into the snowy wintery forests and your professional local guide will teach you about local flora and fauna as you explore. Hot drink and sweet home-made snack included. Duration 3hrs. Price 99€ per person.

Max group size 4 persons.


Evening tour on traditional wooden snowshoes

Explore the snowy forests in the stunning beauty of winter evening in Lapland. We will provide headtorches and hot drinks and a sweet home-made snack on the way. Getting away from the beaten track to gaze up on a hopefully clear sky full of stars and maybe even some northern lights! Duration 3hrs. Price 120€ per person. Max group size 4 persons

For private northern lights tours click here!


Explore the Ylläs-Pallastunturi National park on traditional wooden snowshoes

For those looking for a little bit more! This tour will take you into the heart of our local national park into stunning scenery. Wide open fells are something no-one should miss! Total duration 5hrs. Hot drink and a sweet home-made snack included. Price 140€ per person. Group size 1-4 persons

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